Mary McCandless is no stranger to the the recording studio and has several compact disc recordings to her credit.


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A Master Hypnotist, Mary McCandless, has produced this CD to help you create a peaceful sense of calm in every part of your life while enhancing your self-esteem through hypnosis.

From day one, you will experience rapid, lasting, positive changes.

Your mind will become calmer and clearer, you will feel healthier and happier, releasing stress and anxiety and becoming more confident in yourself.

Hypnosis refers to a peaceful, meditative state in which positive suggestions are introduced into your subconscious mind. This can literally change your thoughts, feelings, perceptions and how you behave and react. Hypnosis is safe and effective and can increase your abilities to focus and help you move forward easily and effortlessly.

Simply sit quietly and listen to one of these guided meditations at least once a day or even as you are preparing for sleep. Gently, positively, effectively, your life will change.

Track Listing

  1. On The Shore
  2. At The Cottage
  3. At Home

Mary McCandless is a well-respected Master Healer and Hypnotist.

Lipstick Legend

Lipstick Legend

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  1. When I Fall In Love/Not Exactly Paris
  2. Pretty Girl
  3. Have You Got Any Castles, Baby
  4. If I Could Be
  5. Fingernails
  6. If I Were Wise
  7. Exit
  8. Chocolate
  9. Always A Bridesmaid
  10. Look At Me
  11. Everybody Says Don't
  12. You Walk With Me
  13. Everything Possible
  14. We Can Be Kind
  15. Maple Leaf Forever

Mary Christmas

Mary Christmas

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  1. A Song for Christmas
  2. Fum Fum Fum
  3. A Child is Born
  4. I Wonder as I Wander
  5. Star of Bethlehem
  6. Christmas Cliches
  7. Coventry Carol
  8. Jingle Bells
  9. Christmas Waltz
  10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  11. Christmas Eve
  12. Ch-Ch-Channukah!
  13. December Lullaby
  14. Silent Night
  15. Just in Time for Christmas
  16. The Christmas Tree
  17. Joyfully

15 Songs in Search of Broadway

15 Songs

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  1. Sophie Tucker (The Red Hot Mama Rag)
  2. If I Could Be
  3. My Dance
  4. I Want You For Christmas
  5. Baby, I Love You
  6. Send me a Postcard
  7. Look At Me
  8. It's Never Too Late
  9. A Place Where I Belong
  10. A Jewel Of A Day
  11. What Did I Know?
  12. This Hand (The Elopement Rhapsody)
  13. Almost
  14. No One But Me
  15. Finally

Songs for Listening! Songs for Life!

songs for listening

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Mary McCandless, Vocalist, Diane Leah, Arrangements/Accompaniment

Songs for Listening! Songs for Life! was developed by the Learning to Listen Foundation and brought to life by Mary McCandless and Diane Leah.  Each song takes on a whole new life teaching children how to listen and talk through the use of singing and music (especially those with hearing loss).  Regardless of your age, this CD is contagious!  You can't help but sing along.

  1. Welcome, Come On In
  2. Time to Listen
  3. This is the Way We Listen
  4. Hello Everybody
  5. Good Morning Today
  6. Goodbye, Goodbye
  7. Ears to Hear
  8. What Sound Do You Hear?
  9. This is the Sound
  10. Neighborhood Noises
  11. I’m Going to Sing
  12. Clap to the Music
  13. Join in the Game
  14. If You’re Happy and You Know It
  15. Hokey Pokey
  16. Going Over the Sea
  17. Rig-a-Jig-Jig
  18. Looby Loo
  19. Shoo Fly
  20. She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain
  21. On Finger, One Thumb Keep Moving
  22. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
  23. Eensy-Weensy Spider
  24. Tell Us Your Name
  25. My Clothes
  26. Weather Sounds
  1. Raindrops, Raindrops
  2. Sunscreen Baby Blues
  3. Rover
  4. Aiken Drum
  5. Alice the Camel
  6. The Farmer in the Dell
  7. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  8. Farmer Browns's Cow
  9. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  10. Wheels on the Bus
  11. This Old Man
  12. I’m Me
  13. Equality
  14. Sing, Sing Along
  15. When I Get Up in the Morning
  16. When I Get Mad
  17. Love Somebody
  18. I Like Ice Cream
  19. Those Rumbling, Tumbling, Down-in-the-Stomach Junk Food Blues
  20. Ten Little Jelly Beans
  21. I Am a Fine Musician
  22. Down by the Bay
  23. Canoe Song
  24. Land of the Silver Birch
  25. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  26. Fire’s Burning